Kolmenkopla x vissiby

Kolmenkopla's and vissiby's collaboration collection was launched on August 1, 2023. The collection bearing the motto "Mothers support mothers" consists of two earring models.

 Kolmenkopla is responsible for the ideation of the collection and vissiby for the implementation of the collection. Together we created something beautiful and unique with an important message.

The collaboration collection is based on the wish of preventing the loneliness experienced by mothers. The collection's jewelry carries a message: "You can always come and chat if these earrings are in my ears. Whether it's at the playground or the library - there's always time to chat for a while. Mothers support mothers."

"On Kolmenkopla's YouTube channel and Instagram account, you can follow the fast-paced life of three friends, which includes a lot of trips, various evening parties and just basic everyday life. Kolmenkopla was founded when Julia, Senni and Emmi were all in the same life situation; either on parental leave or waiting for a family addition. Kolmenkopla shares openly his thoughts on, for example, motherhood and families with children. The humor goes along with it."

Instagram: @kolmeenkopla 

Youtube: KOLMENKOPLA @juliasenniemmi